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The Best Types of Electric Fireplaces For Apartments And Small Spaces

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The Best Types of Electric Fireplaces For Apartments And Small Spaces

Apartments and other small living spaces like condos, town homes and small single-family homes often don’t have built-in fireplaces, but many people don’t realize the variety of electric fireplaces and heaters that can fit perfectly into those compact areas.

Both corner and wall mount electric fireplaces are great options that take up very little floor space while easily blending in with a room. A freestanding best electric fireplace stove is another great option because it’s completely portable, so you can move it from room to room as you need it. Most electric fireplaces can be plugged in to a standard 110 volt outlet and can be operated with or without the heating element. This means you can enjoy the beautiful, calming ambiance of a fire year-round.

No Floor Space Wasted

When space is an issue every square foot counts. With wall mount, petit foyer and corner electric fireplaces, you don’t have to worry about taking up more floor space than necessary. In fact, wall mount electric fireplaces won’t take up any floor space at all! Instead, they are easily attached to a wall and simply plugged in to a nearby outlet. Whether your home décor is traditional or contemporary, there is a style of electric fireplace that will coordinate with the look. The space-saving designs mean that the fireplace will extend only inches into the living area while still recreating the beauty and warmth of a real fire.

Many times the corners of rooms are unutilized. Corner electric fireplaces easily install into any corner of the house. Like wall mount electric fireplaces, these corner models come in different sizes and styles to complement existing furniture. Many corner fireplaces have mantels and surrounds that give the appearance of a built-in fireplace.

If limited floor space and heating multiple rooms are priorities, then consider a freestanding electric fireplace stove. These quality electric heaters are efficient, portable heat sources that look like a wood-burning fireplace. Freestanding electric stoves allow you to enjoy extra warmth in the living room during the evening, and then simply bring the unit into the bedroom for extra heating all night long. These electric fireplaces are a great way to provide extra heat for a room up to 400 square feet.

An Efficient Supplemental Heat Source

In some climates, which do not typically experience cold temperatures, apartments and condos often don’t have central heating systems. During cold spells, electric fireplaces are an invaluable source of heat, and even if an apartment or small home does have central heat, there are often rooms that still seem to always stay cold during the winter. It’s easy to make those chilly rooms warm once again by simply plugging in an electric fireplace.

Corner and wall mount electric fireplaces offer the warmth and appearance of a real fire without the mess and need for venting. The patented modern flame technology utilized in electric fireplace models is very realistic. These flame effects let you enjoy the ambiance of a real fire from any viewing angle. In fact, the flames are so realistic that your guests may be surprised to learn that your fireplace is electric!

Several styles of electric fireplaces come with casters for ease of movement from room to room. The biggest selling point of a roll away fireplace is that it’s portable and is a method of zone heating. These compact portable fireplace mantels with rollers allow you to have heat where you need it, when you need it and save energy, fuel, and money.

Great for Rental Properties

Owners of rental properties want to make investments with high return rates. Most rental properties, however, limit what changes tenants can make to the property. With their many styles, electric fireplaces can appeal to a potential renter. In addition, electric fireplaces come in designs like plug in or rolling electric fireplaces that ensure no structural changes are made to a living area.

An electric fireplace used within a vacation property could allow it to stand apart from others. For properties in a tropical setting, electric fireplaces can be operated without the heat and create a gorgeous ambiance year-round. Meanwhile, an electric fireplace in colder climates can create the look and feel of a traditional fireplace without the hassle of upkeep.


Some municipal ordinances prohibit wood burning or gas fireplaces from multi-family dwellings because of the danger of fire from errant embers and potential carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty gas fireplaces. In either instance, electric fireplaces are safe alternatives because they are considered an electrical appliance. Electric fireplaces do not require venting access like chimneys or major construction; instead, they require a standard outlet and plug for use.

With all of the benefits, affordability and ease of installation, electric fireplaces are a great option for small spaces. No matter how large your home or apartment is there is an electric fireplace that will be a perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

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